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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Regular Show Fan-Art.

Just some "Regular Show" fan-art. This one was really fun, composition and all.

How much can you get in an hour?

These are one hour observational environment studies. This always keep an artist seasoned.


Just a random value/color study.

Photoshop what?

This is my very first experience with Photoshop. It's decent I guess.

The Face of Doubt

More Scratch-board, This one has a lot of emotion, and I'm happy with that.


Prototype Fan-Art. Photoshop 7 hours.

Lactose Intolerant Larry

One of my first digital pieces and I still love it for its simplicity.

Big Demon

BIG demons, nuff' said. 7 hours Photoshop.


A personal favorite of mine because of it's scarcity in the world of art. Scratch-board of Tupac Shakur, a legend in his title.

Ogre Onslaught

Just a war scene with ogres and little guys. I'm not too happy with this, but I'll get better in the next three years of college :)

Megan Fox Portrait

So...I feel that Megan Fox is worth six hours out of my life, and I devoted those hours to a portrait of her. Man this one was fun.

Pocket Monsters?

This piece was an entry for the pokemon gallery in the Illustration Student Collective. Proud member here!


Donna of the Dead, this piece was a challenge with the dynamic lighting. Took roughly 15 hours. Photoshop is such a diverse tool.

One hour Self-portrait

This is a self-portrait from observation. One hour done in photoshop. Im going to tackle more stuff like this in the future.